[Please note: This page is part of the CD Rates Florida archive. Most of these deals on this page are not current and no longer available. Please check the date of the post before getting too excited and driving to a bank an hour away. If you have any doubts whether the deal is available, contact the bank or credit union. For a list of more current rates, visit our homepage.]

8% 3-month CD?

I’m sure the above headline caught your attention, as it certainly caught my attention when I saw that Interstate First Financial (no website as far as I can tell) was offering a 8.00% APY 3-month CD, as well as a 5.50% 6-month CD and a 5.00% 12-month CD.  (You can see the ad here.)  There [...]

Short-term CDs up to 4.80% at BankUnited — ending today

BankUnited has a some very good short-term CDs available, but you’ll have to get them today — the offer is scheduled to end September 17th. BankUnited’s 7-to-12-month CDs are yielding 4.40% APY, and their 13-month CDs are yielding 4.80% APY. These CDs both have $5000 minimums. The rates don’t seem to be listed on BankUnited’s [...]

CDs up to 5.35% at Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank of Florida has a number of very good CD rates for a wide range of time periods: 14-month and 18-month CDs: 4.25% APY 21-month CDs: 4.75% APY 4-year CDs: 5.00% APY 5-year CDs: 5.35% APY These CDs all have a minimum deposit of $1000 and potentially a maximum deposit of $100,000 (the website isn’t [...]

Short-term CDs up at 4.35% at Sunshine Savings Bank

Sunshine Savings Bank has some nice short-term CDs available: Their 7-month CD is yielding 4.10% APY, and their 12-month CD is yielding 4.35% APY.  The website doesn’t list a minimum on the CDs, but judging from the other CDs on the page, it may be $1000. Sunshine Savings Bank has five locations: Four in Tallahassee and [...]

6.15% Checking at Dade County FCU

Dade County Federal Credit Union has a really incredible checking account rate: Their MoneyMaker checking account is yielding 6.15% APY.  As you might guess, however, there are a few catches to receive this amazing rate (which is only good up to the first $25,000): You have to receive electronic statements rather than paper, you have [...]

CDs up to 4.58% at Florida Credit Union

Florida Credit Union has a pretty nice short-term CD: Their 11-month CD is currently yielding 4.32% APY.  If you’d like a somewhat longer term, their 25-month CD is also yielding 4.32% APY, and their 4-year CD is yielding an even better 4.58% APY.  These CDs all have $10,000 minimums.  These CDs are also available as [...]

4.70% 1-year CD at Freedom Bank

Freedom Bank has a competitive short-term CD: Their 1-year CD is yielding 4.70% APY.  This CD has a minimum of only $500.  Freedom Bank also has a 6-month CD that’s yielding 4.25% APY.  Freedom Bank doesn’t seem to list their rates on their website, but you can see an ad for the deals here. Freedom [...]

CDs up to 5.25% at Keys FCU

Keys Federal Credit Union has some very good longer-term CDs available: Their 3-year CDs are yielding 5.00% APY, and their 5-year CDs are yielding 5.25% APY.  Both CDs have a minimum deposit of $1000.  Keys FCU’s website does state that this is a special offer and that member rewards (which could get you a 1/4% [...]

Short-term CDs up to 4.30% at Wachovia

Wachovia Bank has some very competitive short-term CDs available: Their 7-month CD is yielding 4.00% APY, and their 12-month CD is yielding 4.30% APY.  Both these CDs have minimums of $5000. Wachovia Bank has numerous branches throughout all of Florida.  You can find one near you here.

4.10% 6-month CD at Southern Commerce Bank

Southern Commerce Bank has great short-term CD available: Their 182-day CD is currently yielding 4.10% APY.  This CD has a minimum of only $500.  Southern Commerce also has a 1-year CD that’s yielding 4.20% APY with the same $500 minimum.  The 182-day CD has a penalty of 90 days interest if the CD is closed [...]