[Please note: This page is part of the CD Rates Florida archive. Most of these deals on this page are not current and no longer available. Please check the date of the post before getting too excited and driving to a bank an hour away. If you have any doubts whether the deal is available, contact the bank or credit union. For a list of more current rates, visit our homepage.]

6-month, 4.00% CD and bump-up CD at Federal Trust Bank

Federal Trust Bank has a couple attractive CDs available.  First, their 6-month CD is yielding 4.00% APY.  This CD has a minimum of $2500, and all funds must be new to Federal Trust Bank.  This rate isn’t listed on their website, but you can see an ad for it here.  The second deal, which is [...]

High long-term CDs at Intervest Bank

We mentioned last month that Invertest National Bank had some high CDs for long-term savers. Those CD rates are still holding, and in fact, the 4-year CD has even gone up slightly : 3-year CD: 4.75% APY 4-year CD: 5.05% APY (was 5.00% APY) 5-year CD: 5.25% APY Intervest also has CDs up to 10 years [...]

4.10% 7-month CD at SunTrust

SunTrust has a competitive short-term CD: Their 7-month CD is yielding 4.10% APY.  This CD has a minimium deposit of $10,000, and the money must be new to SunTrust.  The CD also requires that you have a SunTrust checking account.  If you don’t have a SunTrust checking account, you might consider their 13-month CD, which [...]

CDs up to 4.85% at Florida Community Bank

Florida Community Bank has two quite high CDs available: Their 10-month CD is yielding 4.65% APY, and their 17-month CD is yielding 4.85% APY.  I wasn’t able to find this deal on their website or find an ad for the rate, but I did call up one of the branches, and the CSR confirmed that [...]

4.25% 11-month CD at Space Coast Credit Union

Space Coast Credit Union has a relatively high CD deal: Their 11-month CD is yielding 4.25% APY.  To receive this rate, you must have an active checking account with Space Coast Credit Union; if you don’t have an active checking account, the rate drops to 4.25% APY. (An active checking account is defined a  minimum of 4 purchase [...]