[Please note: This page is part of the CD Rates Florida archive. Most of these deals on this page are not current and no longer available. Please check the date of the post before getting too excited and driving to a bank an hour away. If you have any doubts whether the deal is available, contact the bank or credit union. For a list of more current rates, visit our homepage.]

2-year, 3.05%/3-year, 3.30% CDs at Heritage Bank of Florida

Heritage Bank of Florida has two very competitive CDs available: a 2-year CD yielding 3.05% APY, and a 3-year CD yielding 3.30% APY. These CDs all have a minimum deposit of $1000.  Heritage Bank’s money market also has a nice rates: 2.00% APY above $15,000; 2.50% APY above $40,000; and 3.00% APY above $100,000. Heritage [...]

1-year, 2.60% CD at BankUnited

BankUnited is offering a very nice short-term CD: Their 12-month CD is yielding 2.60% APY. The CD has a minimum deposit of $5000. BankUnited is the largest bank headquartered in Florida with branches throughout the state. You can find a branch near you here.

39-month 3% CD at Regions Bank

Regions Bank has a relatively competitive mid-length CD available: Their 39-month (3 years plus 3 months) CD is yielding 3.00% APY. This CD has a $10,000 minimum, and it is only available to people who have or open a Regions Bank checking account. The minimum drops to $4000 for an IRA CD, but the money [...]

Long-term CDs up to 3.85% at Intervest National Bank

Intervest National Bank has a number of long-term CDs available with competitive rates. Their 4-year CD is yielding 3.55% APY, their 5-year through 9-year CDs are yielding between 3.66% and 3.69% APY, and their 10-year CD is yielding 3.75% APY. The APY on the 10-year CD goes up to 3.85% for deposits over $100,000. The minimum deposit required [...]

14-month, 2.75% CD at Intracoastal Bank

Intracoastal Bank has a competitive CD available at a little over a year in term: Their 14-month CD is yielding 2.75% APY. This CD has a $1000 minimum, and the money must be new to Intracoastal Bank. In addition, you must have a “banking relationship” with Intracoastal Bank. Intracoastal does not seem to list their [...]