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2-year, 3.05%/3-year, 3.30% CDs at Heritage Bank of Florida

Heritage Bank of Florida has two very competitive CDs available: a 2-year CD yielding 3.05% APY, and a 3-year CD yielding 3.30% APY. These CDs all have a minimum deposit of $1000.¬† Heritage Bank’s money market also has a nice rates: 2.00% APY above $15,000; 2.50% APY above $40,000; and 3.00% APY above $100,000. Heritage [...]

CDs up to 5.35% at Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank of Florida¬†has a number of very good CD rates for a wide range of time periods: 14-month and 18-month CDs: 4.25% APY 21-month CDs: 4.75% APY 4-year CDs: 5.00% APY 5-year CDs: 5.35% APY These CDs all have a minimum deposit of $1000 and potentially a maximum deposit of $100,000 (the website isn’t [...]