[Please note: This page is part of the CD Rates Florida archive. Most of these deals on this page are not current and no longer available. Please check the date of the post before getting too excited and driving to a bank an hour away. If you have any doubts whether the deal is available, contact the bank or credit union. For a list of more current rates, visit our homepage.]

Middle-term CDs up to 1.81% at Intervest National Bank

Intervest National Bank has a number of competitive middle-term CDs that they’re offering: 1-year certificate: 1.20% APY 2-year certificate: 1.50% APY 3-year certificate: 1.81% APY These accounts all have a $2500 minimum deposit. The CDs are also available as IRA CDs with a $1000 minimum deposit.  Intervest also has a couple competitive money market accounts available: Their [...]

Shorter-term CDs up to 1.30% CD at Southern Commerce Bank

Southern Commerce Bank has a number of competitive shorter-term CDs available: 9-month CD: 1.10% APY 12-month CD: 1.20% APY 15-month CD: 1.25% APY 18-month CD: 1.30% APY These CDs all have a $500 minimum deposit. Southern Commerce’s longer-term CDs aren’t too bad, either, including a 5-year CD that’s returning 2.00% APY. Southern Commerce Bank has 11 [...]

35-month, 2% and 60-month, 2.50% Bump-Up CDs at TotalBank

TotalBank has two certificates that would have competitive rates as normal CDs, and they become even more competitive as bump-up CDs: a 35-month bump-up CD returning 2.00% APY and a 5-year bump-up CD yielding 2.50% APY. Both CDs require a minimum balance of $1000. The specific rules on how the bump-ups work on these CDs [...]

9-month, 1.76% CD at Miami Postal Service Credit Union

Miami Postal Service Credit Union has a very competitive rate on a short-term CD: a 9-month certificate yielding 1.76% APY. This CD has a very reasonable minimum of $5000, although if that minimum is too high for you, the same term is being offered with a still-competitive 1.51% APY with a $1000 minimum. Miami Postal [...]

37-month, 2%/49-month, 2.50% CDs at MidFlorida Credit Union

MidFlorida Credit Union has two competitive long-term CDs available: 37-48 months: 2.00% APY 49-60 months: 2.50% APY Both these CDs have a minimum of a $1000 deposit. Both certificates are also available as an IRA CD, but with a rate bump: 2.25% APY for the certificate from 37-48 months, and 2.75% APY for the longer [...]

5-year, 2.64% CD at People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union

People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union is offering a fairly high rate on a long-term CD: Their 5-year CD is yielding 2.64% APY. People’s Alliance FCU also has a high 12-month “youth” CD that’s returning 1.38% APY and a bump-up 18-month CD that yields 1.31% APY. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t list the minimums on either any [...]

Interesting CD laddering program at Tyndall Federal Credit Union

Tyndall Federal Credit Union has an interesting promo for those looking to ladder (or stack) their CDs. If you put a $500 minimum deposit each in their 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-year CDs, they’ll give you a 0.25% APY bump in each of those rates. Right now, those bumps would raise the rates to: [...]

28-month, 1.76% CD at Wings Financial Credit Union

Wings Financial Credit Union has a high rate on their special “Du Jour Certificate”: their 28-month CD is yielding 1.76% APY. This CD has a minimum deposit of $500, as do all their other CDs. There’s a couple other competitive certificates that Wings Financial CU has: a 2-year CD yielding 1.66% APY, a 3-year CD [...]

13-month/1.25%, 25-month/1.50% CDs at Urban Trust Bank

Urban Trust Bank has two special-term CDs available at reasonable rates: a 13-month CD that’s yielding 1.25% APY, and a 25-month CD returning 1.50% APY. Both CDs have a minimum deposit of $500. Urban Trust also has a competitive money market with larger balances; their Urban Select Money Market is yielding 0.70% APY with $10k-$49k balances, 0.80% APY [...]

1-year, 1.10% CD at BrightStar Credit Union

BrightStar Credit Union has a decent shorter-term CD offered right now: Their 1-year CD returns 1.10% APY. This CD has a minimum deposit of $95,000, but the CD is also available at minimums of $50,000 (1.05% APY) and $500 (1.00% APY). You also have to be a Platinum Star member to receive these rates — [...]